The fan voice: Interview with Kenji Nuñez

Starting our series of interviews with the world’s biggest fans of Kylie, we talked to a very special person.

Filipino Kenji Nuñez is an associate creative director in an advertising agency in Manila. Kenji studied fine arts and can be considered Kylie’s greatest illustrator in the whole world. Exaggeration? Not a bit, since none other than Kylie elected one of his drawings as the best among many others. And do you know what is the secret? Much more than artistic talent: it’s unconditional love.

It all started in the 90’s, more specifically with “Confide in Me” music video. Kenji still remembers:

Back then there was no sound like hers and that made her stand out from the bubble gum pop that was dominating the airwaves.

It was literally “love at first sight”. It was that “magical feeling you get when you meet a person you like”. Since then, the artist has built, as he himself sets, a progressive relationship with Kylie, making drawings simply by admiration and sharing them with all the other fans. After all, “Who won’t be proud to be her fan?”.

Kenji reveals that he found in the drawings a way to demonstrate his love: “as fans we show her our love through different ways: some collect her music, watch her every concert or stalk her in Twitter, mine just so happens to be in the form of my drawings”. According to him, the process of drawing begins with Kylie herself:

She inspires me a lot and has a strong influence in my creativity. The secret ingredient is listening to Kylie’s music while making the drawing. It adds that extra glitter

A fan of the good old pencil on paper, Kenji says that making the illustration is the easiest part. The real work starts after, in time to finish sketching and coloring (this part made digitally) – what it takes, according to him, three to five days. Each drawing takes weeks, months to be finished. Or more, as your recent work in homage to Aphrodite: Les Folies Tour.

Adding creativity by watching her shows and clips, he has the complete package to start a drawing. “I created my first Kylie drawings when I was still in college inspired by her Did It Again video. My big break in the art industry came after I created my Body Language era-inspired Kylie illustrations”, he recalls.

I can say that everything about Kylie is exciting and inspiring , it’s that experience when you see something mind-blowing from her that inspires me.

The excellence of Kenji’s drawings was recognized in his country: Kenji had his work selected for an exhibition at a club in Manila, who devoted an entire evening to celebrate Kylie’s career. “it paved the way for me and my art to be noticed”, he celebrates.

The highest honor, on the other hand, was still to come, years later. When presented a challenge for fans to create a drawing inspired by the album “Aphrodite”, Kenji did not hesitate to stay a month producing his own illustration. He signed up and the hard work was rewarded: Kylie herself handpicked “I’ll Take You Higher” as the winner among all entries.

I was over the moon with joy.I was already happy that my artwork claimed one of the top spots, but to be handpicked personally by Kylie and published as the winner? Wow, that was the greatest prize a fan could ever get!

Kenji told us he saw Kylie live for the first time on the KylieX2008 tour, when he flew to Hong Kong just to see her. He says he had a wonderful time with his partner and friends. To celebrate the first time Minogue tour in Manilla, Kenji created a set of 4 drawings, inspired in the acts of the tour. He says he had less than two months to finish everything because he planned to deliver his drawings for Kylie. He failed, but at least won a positive response from her on Twitter.

But he points out that no experience comes to the level of “Aphrodite: Les Folies”, which was the first Kylie tour in his country. And he does not hide his total enchantment with what he saw:

That was unbelievable! Majestic show I have ever seen. The energy went off the roof and she got a lot of love from Filipinos!

Finally, extolling the Kylie’s shimmer, the sex appeal and originality, Kenji hope she doesn’t think of slowing down just yet.

I hope she continues to come up with great music. Stay true to her sound and blow us away with great shows!

Finishing the interview, Kenji thanked the opportunity to appear on our website and sent an “mabuhay” (equivalent to a Hello in the Philippine language) for all of us:

Obrigado Brazil! It is my pleasure to share my artworks to fellow Kylie lovers. I am overwhelmed with the support Brazil has given me and I hope to visit your beautiful country one day and maybe create a drawing based on that experience. Thank you for all the love!

And he prepared an incredible surprise for us! Kenji sent us an exlusive drawing. Check out his illustration of Timebomb! is grateful to Kenji for talking to our website team. We just have to thank this great fan and artist who also inspires our work!

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